Blocks not syncing

Hi there, I launched yesterday the app in windows and it showed the DAO not syncing and the unsynced blocks showing conflicts, all of them.

Syncing happened until block 619117 and then blocks were unsynced until (at that time) 619160 and all of them showed conflics which I am not sure what they exactly mean.

I’m connected to a local bitcoin node which seems to work fine (I can connect to it via rpc without any problem). Tor shows peers and some seed nodes too.

For now, I have deleted SPV and Tor information and restarted it all again so it is in the starting page “Connecting to Bitcoin Network” for a few hours already.

Does anyone know what can be going wrong? Thank you everyone in advance.

Hi. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Bisq. If you’re using Bitcoin Core version v0.19.0.1 make sure to add
To the bitcoin.conf file.

awesome, many thanks, I’ll give it a try asap,


Hi Huey,

After following your suggestion, I’m encountering the following situation:

  • If I update in the new installation all folders within folder Bisq, then the app is not able to run even if I wait for up to 24 hours. Probably something to do with having deleted the SPV file.
  • If I update only keys and wallet everything seems to be fine except the payment methods and the signing date, so I have to start with operations with a limit of 0,01btc

So my question is, does anybody know exactly which files other than keys and wallet can I update so that my bank account stays the same with its actual signing status?

Many thanks!

Ok, I have done one more thing, which is to delete the spvchain file and start from there. I’m stuck in the following screen I attach. Any idea for how long it will have to stay this way?

Many thanks!


It has stayed the same way the entire night. Any hints as to what could be happening?

Depending on how old your wallet is it may take a while but 24 hours seems excessive. You can save you account status by importing the Bisq/btc_mainnet/keys folder.

ok, I’ll do that, many thanks!

You can read more on the Backup and Recovery page.

Thanks, I may have found out the idiotic thing I was doing

I was choosing to connect to my local node yet at the same time I had chosen the option to “connect via Tor” in the settings. Could that be the reason that it was trying to find a Tor node yet unable to do so?

Just in case it could be of help for other users :slight_smile:

Many thanks, it is now running perfectly :slight_smile:

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That may have been it. Glad it’s working now.

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Apologies, I just realized that I don’t preserve the signature of my account nor my account itself. Is there any files I can move from my backup that can help me restore this signature and limits?

Thanks again, and sorry if a pain, I haven’t found it in the docs

Ok I found it, seems like I have to wait until I don’t have any open trades and then I can move the files

  • btc_mainnet/db/UserPayload (account details and salt)
  • btc_mainnet/keys/sig.key (key for signing p2p messages)

Please ignore if I’m right.

Thank you very much