Bootstrapping error 1.9.5 on OSX

Just downloaded the new version 1.9.5 for OSX and now receiving a bootstrapping error. Running OSX 12.5.1. Tried deleting Tor files and also different Bridges. Nothing seemed to solve the issue. Also downloaded Bisq from the site and this didn’t help either. Any suggestions on a fix?

Problem solved.

I closed Bisq and renamed the tor folder to tor.old. I then restarted Bisq and she opened up.


Good to know.
OSX is not a commonly used platform and my ideas about the issue were very limited, so I was almost going to suggest to install a linux VM and run Bisq from there

I have same problem but it did not resolve with renaming the tor folder. Did I do something wrong? Can you provide more detailed instructions?


I would say, first make sure you are operating on the real data directory, and not on its backup, see default paths here: Data directory - Bisq Wiki