Brazilian Banking System - Use of trade ID reference

In brazilian banking system, national wire transfers (A.K.A “TED” or “Transferência Eletrônica Disponível” which means “Direct Wire Transfer”) do not allow a sender write some text to be visible by the receiver.

Said that, how could the field “reason for payment” be useful to prove that sender made the payment?

Once a receiver will not show the Bitsquare “reason for payment” in the transfer, that one can claim never receive payment, opening an arbitration unnecessarily.

Thanks in advance if someone can help me about this question.

Banks are so crap, I get surprised every day again…
So if that is a problem just dont fill in the ref. text. the other trader should see it by the amount and hopefully the bank is able to display from whom them money came.
Do you see that? Otherwise it becomes difficult as if you receive 2 payments with the same amount you cannot say who paid.
Damn banks…

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