Brazilian Market Starting to Take Off

Hi there,

I’m Brazilian too and I’m starting to see some tempting offers in the order book.

In fact I was about to buy an offer when I got hit with a security warning saying I wouldn’t be able to =(

I understand that Bisq had some SEPA scams recently, but in Brazil we haven’t had any issues as of yet have we? So why not restrict the security measures to SEPA transfers only?

I have been watching Bisq from the sidelines for a while and I think now is time to seize on an opportunity and grow in Brazi as it is now experiencing some new draconian legislation that will infringe on the privacy of it’s citizens pretty badly and this is driving them to seek for alternatives, of which Bisq is the best in my opinion.

So we need to lift or fix the security restrictions that are stopping Brazilian orders from being filled ASAP!

Just my 2cents and keep up the great work guys!