BSQ bonded reputation trading?!

A new crazy Bisq proposal. All trader’s offers contain a user ranking (0-5 star) on how much BSQ they have locked up in the DAO. Non BSQ holders get 0 rank. Possible to filter out offers that doesn’t comply to requirements on ranking etc.

Who would like a complete BSQ playground like this? Is Bisq contributors developing only for them selves? What do you think???

Bisq —> BiSQ :slightly_frowning_face: :non-potable_water:

I was just close to create a proposal about this. The only mod i would add, is that the amount of BSQ must be proportional to a parameter of risk of chargeback and the amount of bitcoin you are trying to buy.

Say: You want to buy 1000 USD worth of BTC through paypal? you must have 2000 USD locked in BSQ tokens, wich you cant withrdaw in about 200 days after the trade, to eliminate risk of chargeback. If the arbitrator determines you have been a dick and did a chargeback, he will take a compensation to the other trader out of your BSQ tokens plus a penalty that gets burned.

Now, you want to buy 5000 USD worth of BTC through an altcoin? No BSQ lock needed. Zero. Nada.

Traders would know how much BSQ locked up his peer haves and the software wont allow trades unless it complies with certain threshold.