BSQ current value

We are trying to figure out how much BSQ to request in compensation.
We know how much fiat and bitcoin we spent to implement our work, and of course some time and how much it’s worth in fiat also.

How is the value of BSQ currently determined though - in fiat or anything else?

How do contributors estimate " how much value that work adds to the network"?

How do we estimate for example the translation on which we did a lot but not all of the work?

Sorry if this is discussed in detail somewhere already. We didn’t find it on Slack, Github or here yet.
We read this, but don’t understand how contributors come up with actual number for BSQ requests:

There is no real way to determine the value. Some kind of an agreement is that we all value it 1USD=1BSQ, but of course you can request whatever you feel is right and let stakeholders decide.

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Thank you. Since we did full, professional translations and reviews of 3 languages, and major work and review on another language, maybe we could base it on the cost of arbitrator bonds for those languages?

How much do arbitrator bonds cost now?

Or maybe we could base it on the population of those countries as the percentage of the world population?
That is, request that percentage of all BSQ, or that percentage of all arbitrator bonds value?

I don’t think bonds have been implemented yet, since DAO is not finished, so there probably isn’t an exact value.

Probably it is a good idea to ask based on how much (approximately) time was spent on translating this and how much does that usually pay. You can also try to search through other compensation request for translation jobs, but there is really no correct answer here.


You may follow Manfred’s advice here:

Add up roughly the hours and multiply it with the hourly rate for the activity.
The suggested valuation is 1BSQ=1USD

For my part, I consider that once the translation is uploaded on the transifex, it is delivered.
Transifex gives you also your word count, so this may give you an additionnal mean to evaluate your work.

Reading some issues here may help:

Explanations about BSQ can be found here:

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