BSQ Offers - Timeout reached: Peer has not responed

The top 2 BSQ Sell Offers from same address (a4hpujcffaldfhnb.onion:9999) are alwasy giving same error:

‘Timeout: peer has not responded’

Other Offers are available to take/buy.
Maybe these 2 Offers should be greyed-out if they’re not actually avilable…

ok, sometimes it gives 2nd notification that the Seller is offline… so it’s probably just that. Still, would be ideal if these offers were grayed out.

Yeah, it seems like a bug. Maybe opening an issue on GitHub is the best idea.

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Maybe this is also from your side.
Sometimes the offer book refreshing can have lag.
It is recommended restarting Bisq once/24 hours.
You can see if this solves this issue.

i had done that a number of times… no luck. But offers not there anymore… all recent Buys have been fine.