BSQ tokenomics etc. key numbers, where best to look?

Hi guys, can anyone direct me to the key numbers ref. the BSQ distribution ? how many have been issued to contributors, how many are in the bank to fund dev, what is total cap etc and how the tokens work within DAO etc.

Also I understand that a target income for the DAO ref. trades on Bisq is 0.4% of volume.

i was looking for the econ paper of post or discussion. If anyone can help.
many thanks!

You can find the numbers in the frist, facts & figures, screen in the app under DAO. There you will find how many BSQ were issued, burned and etc.

BSQ issuance isn’t limited, so there can always be more BSQ printed to fund the devs. The price of those BSQ is another topic.

thanks, yep I saw this info… so:
3,657,480 BSQ in genesis block (were all these distributed to the key founders?)
69,318.63 BSQ for ‘compensation requests’ distributed in 16 transactions (16 people we assume)
-1,398.49 burnt in fees.

so are the 3,725,398.85 BSQ ‘available’ all in the distributed BSQ as compensation etc.?
And BSQ can be issued in addition, as work is done/ proposals approved and realized etc ?
Is the new BSQ issued expected to be greater than the BSQ burnt in fees ?
I assume this info is in a paper or github page somewhere… would be good to know where if anyone has the info.

To the 1st phase(s) contributors afaik (~150 peoples).

No. I think it’s 16 months.
See the slack channel #compensation , which links to a recap excel file.
See also

great, many thanks

FYI I think this is he best resource I’ve found so far:

From the website side, it’s at:

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Great info there.
i see the stated 2,500,000 BSQ Genesis issuance seems to later have been modified to : 3,657,480.00 BSQ - do we know why this was changed ?

With now 3,724,593.36 BSQ currently ‘in circulation’ … 70K BSQ issued for comp requests so far…

Anyone had thoughts on equations for possible / probable future value of 1 BSQ? assuming say , a uniform increase in BTC/USD to keep that a more constant value…

I’ve come to Bisq way past its inception so I’m not an expert in its history. But from my understanding the 2.5m BSQ were distributed among 144 Bisq contributors for their work between 2014 and 2017. The amount on top of that is the BSQ minted between 2017 and now.

1 BSQ = 100 sats so 1 BSQ is at least worth bitcoin price/1 000 000. That’s the only axiom that we can start with. I have yet to think about Bisq economics deeply, but my first thoughts are that there will be a strong deflationary pressure in its first stages as the Compensation Requests will outweigh the BSQ burnt + BSQ locked in bonds.

@sprks you can see an explanation of the genesis distribution here:

I would say it will likely stay at 1 USD or more for a while.
Contributors asked for compensation with this value in mind so most are unwilling to sell it below.

For now it seems that when the demand is low, the spread is the only thing that changes. The price usually keeps above 1 USD no matter what, simply due to limited supply.

All BSQ from the genesis was distributed to 192 contributors.

It is the sum of the genesis distribution + BSQ issues for compensations - burned fee.

Yes every cycle (roughly 1 month) copngributors make requests for compensations and stakeholder vote on it if it should be accepted or not. In the past we issued about 60 000 BSQ/ months in average.

In the first months we discounted the trade fee when paid in BSQ to about 90% to the normal fee, so atm the revenue from trade fee in BSQ is very low. This will likely be adjusted over the next months. There is a proposal in discussion and BSQ stakeholders can vote on changing the BTC and BSQ fees to adjust that. General goal is to have an averge trade fee of 0.4% (buyer+seller).

So for the next months it can be assumed that issues BSQ is larger than BSQ burned.

2.5M BSQ was planned initially for past contributors for a launch we planned 1.5 years ago with a reduced version of the DAO (no voting, no issuance). We decided then to not launch before the DAO was developed with its full feature set. In the meantime BSQ has been issued to contributors who worked in the past 1.5 years so that got added to teh 2.5M and resulted in the amount of the genesis distribution.

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great, many thanks!

thank you, much appreciated.

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