BSQ Wallet Address Changed on Me!

I had my BSQ wallet address added to my Altcoin accounts and purchased BSQ to use for transaction fees in the past. A few days ago, I purchased more BSQ using the same address. Now that the BSQ seller has transferred the funds, it is not reflected on my BSQ wallet.
I also see that my BSQ wallet “receive” address is not the same as what I had added to my Altcoin accounts before.
Could anyone here tell me what is happening?

BSQ wallet is a HD wallet, so after receiving a transaction to an address, your wallet displays a new one to avoid reusing an address, which is bad for privacy.

Search your address (the one that the BTC should have send your BSQ to) at this block explorer: to determine if the BSQ tx have been confirmed or not. If it is, proceed to do a SPV resync.

I see the confirmation of transaction at the block explorer. I also did a SPV resync. However, I don’t see the balance showing up in my BSQ wallet!

So you not see the transaction in your BSQ wallet transaction tab?

That’s correct. I don’t see the transaction in my BSQ wallet transaction tab, neither do I see the balance reflected in my wallet.

Do you mind DMing me the transaction id? (I do support for bisq)

Just did that.

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