BTC (BTC) in the spread tab

Can anyone explain what the BTC (BTC) listing in the spread tab means? Since it is not possible to buy or sell BTC against BTC what is it?

This doesn’t appear in v0.9.1 and is probably due to using this old v0.8.0 version.
When a new Bisq version is released, it is always (strongly) advised to upgrade to the new version.
Generally, upgrading is proposed from within the client,
if this is the case, I suggest you do so.

Before upgrading, it’s however also advised to make all necessary saves.
Make a copy of the Bisq directory is enough.

I don’t know what this could be.
What version of Bisq is this?

EDIT: Oh, v0.8.0, it says at the bottom.
This looks like a bug. Perhaps some altcoin is showing up as BTC in older versions.