BTC buyer gave me back eur transfer

Hello. Very strange thing happened at trade 404403.
The BTC buyer has sent back to me the EUR that I payed for their bitcoins. The exact same amount, less than 50 eur.
I didn’t ask for a chargeback and everything on the trade looked normal. All the data, on my outgoing transfer and the incoming one is as it should (the name is the same). The only strange thing that I could say is that on the incoming transaction, on the “concepto” field, it says “transferencia recibida” (received transfer).
Looks like my pair made a very silly mistake but I wanted to check here just in case.


You can PM me the onion address of the peer (see it trade details). I can try to send him a private message in the app. Thanks for being so honest. I assume he simply made a mistake…