BTC can be used for money laundering in Florida

Florida is to pass new laws where bitcoin can be seen as a vehicle for money laundering. Bitsquare is mentioned in the article:

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Always makes me laugh this BS… Knives and be used for murders and planes can be used for terrorism. why dont we get rid of thongs too, because I am sure criminals use thongs . I just dont get this argument… Why would you cut your face off despite you nose?? I gather the establishment are losing the battle and they are clinging to those feeble arguments hoping the stupid masses will give them support??

It is natural for people to be afraid of new things they yet don’t know enough about. Regulations were bigger once for airline industry, but as they learned more about it, people were less afraid of it and it’s effect on people’s safety and economy. We just have to give it some time and explain it to people the best we can.

Thought the regulation just says it CAN be used for money laundering, as one of the methods that were known beforehand. I guess it is part of gearing up for prosecuting some people, thought it is true- as inconvenient it is, you can launder money with bitcoin, if you’re really unlucky and don’t have any better option.