BTC Lost post format?

Hi there,

I just formatted my PC as it needed it. I’ve restored my BISQ from my wallet backup stored on an external drive.

The problem I’m having is I had a transaction in dispute due to a buyer not paying. It was being mediated and was told the outcome would be the mediator would wait an additional 24 hours for the buyer to respond and would then return my BTC along with the buyers security deposit for the headache.

I hadn’t realised that this wouldn’t all come back with a restore as I can no longer see the support conversation or the transaction. I have screenshots that I took to go with the disputed transaction but I’m worried about this now.

Edit: I should add I think the reason the BTC isn’t back with me as its still in escrow? As a note I believe the mediator was Pazza or Pazza83?

to properly restore the state of bisq, you need to recoveer the WHOLE data directory which includes everything, trades and support tickets as well, while from your post it looks like you only restored the wallet.
It is not impossible to get back to those funds now, but you need to contact @pazza83 on giving as much details as possible to identify the ticket, so they can guide you through a manual payout, since you at least should know the seed

Hi @equasian just spotted you posted here. Glad that you were able to recover the needed files. If the BTC buyer goes AWOL you will be able now to send the trade to arbitration.