BTC Micro Credit Availible For First Trade - USA ONLY


I’m happy to offer new US based Bitsquare users a micro credit to allow them to make their first bitcoin purchase:

Credit Amount: 0.0112 BTC + high priority bitcoin network transaction fee to send it to you.
Interest Rate: 1% per day (including partial days) on amount owed.
Maximum Duration: 14 days (Late payment incurs a 0.01 BTC late fee and continues to accrue interest until settled).
Contact channels: Email
Required for Reputation Check: U.S. Residency, Legal Name, Home Address, Verifiable Corporate Email Account, Verifiable Work Phone Number, Photo of Drivers License.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a current employee of a verifiable corporation, unfortunately I am unable to help you.

All information provided to me will be encrypted and placed in cold storage for the duration of the transaction. All information will be deleted upon settlement of the transaction.

All collection efforts for late payments will be performed within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

My hope is that you can use the credit to acquire bitcoin within 24 hours and return it to me with only 1% interest and the transaction fee I paid to get it to you. The higher costs are simply there to encourage swift return of funds.

If you are interested, please contact me by private message here initially for instructions on how to submit your information. To do so, click my name at the top of this post and then click the Message button.



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Hi ! Are you still offering this? I meet all criteria.

Yes I am. I’ll message you here with my phone number so we can work out the details. Thanks.

NOTICE: This transaction was completed under the terms of the agreement.

Happy to help others that meet the listed criteria in my initial post.

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