Btc not confirmed but buyer has sent money

I loaded btc onto bisq to make a transaction, the buyer sent over his payment, however it will not let me release the btc because it is saying the btcs are not confirmed. The btc have been in my bisq account for almost a week now. What do i do?

So you entered into a trade as a btc-seller and you have received the money from the buyer. You now try to release the btc but you can’t?

Can you find the Deposit transaction on a block explorer? And have you tried to open mediation? If not, do so.

Usually the “I have paid” button on the buyer side is not activated if the multisig deposit transaction for that trade has not at least one confirmation.

Technically the payment information are accessible before the “I have paid” button is activated and so the fiat payment can be started before.

Anyway the buyer has to press the “I have paid” button first after the deposit transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain.

Did he do that? You may ask him by the trade chat.