BTC not received in my wallet


I transferred 0.0627366 BTC from exchange “NOXBITCOIN” to my adress in Bisq “CENSURED”.
In the exchange, the withraw is validated as completed. But i haven’t receveid the BTC at BISQ yet.

I’ve already tried to delete SPV and resync but still without result.

Could anyone help me?

So no transaction appears in your BISQ btc wallet under the “transactions tab” ?

Looks like it JUST arrived to that wallet address (btw you should remove that from the post as it’s private info)

Can you stop and restart bisq. Also are you on the most current version of bisq? I assume so since you’re using a segwit address. How’s your connection to the network?


i opened a complaint on exchange a few minutes ago and they asked me to wait for contact.
Now i’ve been check the BISQ and the transaction is there.

I erased my wallet adress as you said.
Thank you for your help <3

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