BTC > PHP options?

Hi all, sorry if this is not in the correct category. I need to send pesos regularly to support family in the Philippines. I check regularly in bisq but there are never any offers BTC > PHP. I would like to avoid any options that require KYC. So far, I’ve been using remittance services that take a huge bite out of the money and report everything. Any advice on getting some filipino locals on here and/or alternatives to remittance services like Thanks!


Hi @vnfjd thanks for the post.

It would be great to have an active BTC / PHP market.

One thing to consider might be what payment methods are popular in the Philippines for sending / receiving pesos. Any ideas what payment methods would be useful for traders in the Philippines?

Hi @Pazza thanks for the reply.
I’m afraid the family and I are only aware of gcash ( and old fashioned bank account wire transfers (which is likely what we’d need personally). A quick search came up with a couple but the family doesn’t seem to know most of them (in their area - Philippines changes drastically between the 7000+ islands) smart money, dragonpay, juanpay, pesopay, payeasy, MOLpay, weepay, 7 connect…

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Thanks for all the info I will have a look into the options you mention.

Any advice on getting some filipino locals on here and/or alternatives to remittance services like Thanks!

It is always hard to start a market on Bisq.

It looks like there have only been 11 BTC/PHP trades to Bisq to date. It would take someone to put up some buy / sell offers up on Bisq to start generating a market and this takes a bit of time. I would be happy to chat to you if this is something you were looking to do?

Hi, I just came across this thread and I would like to ask if anyone managed to get the BTC/PHP trade going. I’m in a similar spot where I want to buy some non-KYC BTC and I don’t have any means to get a local bank account going at the moment.


Edit: Also, I saw an issue for this on Github a few moments ago: Add GCash and Maya for the users in the Philippines · Issue #250 · bisq-network/growth · GitHub I think adding Gcash and Maya would really help Bisq adoption in the Philippines.

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Thanks for the post, there have still only been 11 trades.

I will look into the payment methods you reference.

In the meantime please feel free to post some maker offers to get a PHP market started :slight_smile:

Hello, I was able to make a trade with PHP the other day. I would also like to contribute in improving Bisq liquidity in the Philippines though I do not know how to start, if anyone could teach me, I would be very happy to contribute in whatever way I can.


You just create offers for both directions, so you create and offer to both buy some amount of BTC for PHP and an offer to sell some amount of BTC for PHP. If there are multiple payment options available for that market, create a pair like this (or more than one) for each of them. You can create such pairs for different sizes or price deviations.

See also here - How to be a market maker on Bisq - Bisq Wiki


This :point_up_2:, but also expect that many of the offers will be from BTC buyers.
Also, if there are payment methods widely used for PHP markets with very small chargeback risk and that are not included in Bisq, ask for them at GitHub - bisq-network/growth: Bisq exchange growth experiments
Another way to make it easier for takers is to announce at forums etc when will you be trading, or invite traders to post offers at a certain hour - day.