BTC purchase bank payment in two parts?

Hi everyone,

I have an open trade buying BTC and it’s time to pay in fiat. However at the moment my bank does not let me complete a transfer of the full amount. Right now I am only able to make the payment in two parts, on two consecutive days. I have sufficient funds in my account but I have a problem authorising payments above a certain amount. In four days time however I will be able to make the whole payment in one go; this should arrive only just within the 6 day limit. Should I make the payment in two parts today/tomorrow or should I wait four days so that I can make a single large payment?


I assume as the peer will not know that u want to pay in 2 parts he will open a dispute. Would not be a big problem if you explain the arbitrator the case he will not take away the security deposit. If you wait the 4 days it might be more safe. Worst case it will also open up in dispute but u can refer to that posting and u will not lose the security deposit.

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