BTC/SEK is way off

The value displayed in Bisq for BTC/SEK is wrong with about +20%. How can this be? The info text says that BitcoinAverage provides the price but the value on their site is correct.
This seems to be a common/recurring problem.

See :

Bisq uses the currency markets price … which is indeed sometimes significantly different from the global price.

Wow. This is somewhat shocking to me… I have used several other exchanges and never seen anything like this.
So, how can I set my selling price at <global price plus 3%>? This is what I would like to do.

Most Swedes trade on Bisq using Euro and SEPA.

You can set whatever price you want, prices in Bisq are just there to support percentage fixed offers.
The simplest type of offer is just to place the price that you are asking for your coins, also known as fixed price offer.

Well, a fixed price would require a lot of manual monitoring and updating, so that’s out of the question.
Look, I am really fascinated and excited about bisq as a concept, I just want to report some wrinkles so things can get better. I have removed my standing offer and until a reliable percentage based price setting exist, I cannot add a new one.

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Thanks for your report :blush:
It would be great if we had a better source of price :slight_smile:

Many wants to move from LocalBitcoins now and trade in national currency (e.g. SEK) with fast and secure payment methods. Unfortunately, cannot recommended Bisq because of this. EUR with SEPA is the only choice.