BTC seller states Zelle payment hasn't arrived

In the process of completing my second trade on the Bisq platform and I had someone take my BTC buy offer on evening of Jan 11. I sent payment within a few minutes of the trade deposit confirmation. I reached out to the seller the next day and they say they don’t see it yet… I know for a fact that the information matched exactly the criteria for payment (correct name etc) and I see the payment posted on Jan 12. The funds are debited and clearly marked as sent on my side.

The seller said they completed another payment without issue but that isn’t helping. I asked them yesterday to contact their bank and to let me know but haven’t heard anything. This goes to arbitration in 1 day. I really hope there isn’t a scam I’m not aware of because right now I am out money AND the expected bitcoins.

Anyone else have a similar experience? I figure I shouldn’t worry since I will have proof I sent payment with the memo information etc. I thought the point of Zelle was payment in minutes?

My first trade for a small amount went perfect but this second one I’m already running into issues and I’m starting to get nervous. Thanks

Hello, I’ve been using Bisq for a while but don’t want to reveal my identity and signal my Zelle usage.

Zelle is usually quick, but sometimes it can take longer.

Most of the time when selling BTC with Zelle, buyers send payments within minutes and I’ll get an email immediately that a deposit was made with Zelle saying “please allow 5 minutes for the money to deposit to your account.” In these cases, trade can be closed within minutes.

One time, I got that email within minutes and it said (in the email) to “please allow 3 business days for the money to be deposited to your account.” No reason given, and obviously Zelle got the transaction instantly, but it decided to take longer to actually make the deposit to my bank account. As a seller, I didn’t want to accept the trade on Bisq until the money was actually in my account. So I waited until it was, which ended up being just a few hours before the end of the trading period.

Then yet another time, my bank processed the transfer instantly, but I never got an email alert that it happened. It wasn’t until I checked my online banking statement that I realized the deal should be marked as complete.

In sum…based on my experiences, Zelle is usually instant, but sometimes it isn’t…