BTC stuck in "blockchain confirmation"

Have a sale that’s been at “wait for blockchain” now for 18hrs.
I feel like maybe the buyer is on an out dated version, last time this happened that was why.
I’ve sent an e-mail to the buyer, but 5 hours and no response yet.

Will it time out? come back to me? Am I going to get nailed with the fee?

trade id Klay0rI-3b031a30-e0bf-4e61-bd92-364cf11bccc7-112

There were great BTC mining fees variations for the last 24/48 hours.
Maybe it’s related.
But this morning the fees are again touching the 10 sat/byte zone.
So, if it is a low mining fee issue, it should resolve by itself.

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I would accept that. If the tax I’d was on the network with 0 confirmations. But its not


does not exist, the initial BTC never moved, even though it’s locked up

It may be that the transaction was never broadcast and the issue is on the Bisq Network side. Major bug in Bisq. Transactions not broadcasting and timing out

Okay well moneys locked. What do I do about this?

The best thing to do would be to re-broadcast the transaction and go on with the trade. The sad thing is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this from within Bisq.
Otherwise, just do a “Delete SPV file and resync” (this will cancel the trade if the other trader doesn’t somehow manage to broadcast the tx on his side). If the transaction really didn’t leave your wallet, your funds should be available again after this. If you want to get your offer back, you could restore the files in your db folder in the data directory to a state right before the offer got accepted (only do this if you didn’t do anything with other/new offers since then).
If you don’t want to try getting the offer back, I think you can also request a refund for the lost trading and transaction fees, as it was because of a bug.

I can’t find the delete option? or a request option…
trusting in a system, and paying it fee’s. is concerning when I’m on my own for fixing an issue the system caused… I’m not a new trader. I’ve paid a fair amount in fee’s. Now I’m on my own to fix it?

Settings/Network Info/Resync SPV File

Notice however that if you have an old wallet, this will take time and eat 100% of the CPU until finished.

Tried that. it is still stuck. sigh :frowning:

What does the tooltip say when you hover over the “stuck” transaction? Was it seen by 1 or more peers?

I think it may have released the funds. but it still shows as pending on the platform. How ever the txid has disappeared. Very odd

Wait, so your fund are alright? Could you now spend the coins that were previously reserved for the trade?
It’s not surprising that the trade is still listed as pending, they are only supposed to go away if there is a payout transaction, which obviously never happened.

Looks that way yes, thank you.