BTC stuck in escrow / arbitrator unresponsive

Currently the protocol doesn’t support automatic unlocking of funds after a time period, but you can make a proposal on GitHub and submit it under DAO->Governance inside Bisq.

Just to let you known my transaction is also stuck.
I believe the arbitrator is @cbeams
Anything that can be done about it?

@rgaetan ,
@cbeams is no more arbitrator since a long time.
Please, indicate the onion address of your arbitrator.

@Homard Yes of course. It’s swfmgmb2aoyqxkte.onion and the trade id is 4276391-f006a64c-132c-43f3-8bc4-20e0807e2b7a-070.
Thank you.

This is indeed @cbeams onion address.
So it must concern a very old trade and an old version of the application.
What is the date of the trade please ?
And which is the Bisq version concerned ?
I ping @Arbitrator2 to see if he can do something with your case.

The date of the trade is Jul 8, 2018. It is an old trade indeed. I 've lost hope of retrieving my funds but if anything can be done that would be great.
The bisq version I am running is 1.1.2.
Thank’s so much @Homard!

What is the deposit tx ID?

Hi @ManfredKarrer ,
It’s the same trade as above. I reposted it because the trade is still stuck…

The old arbitrator app might not be able to catch up anymore as arbitrators have lots of transactions and BitcoinJ cannot deal well with that. Will see if I can help…

Hi @ManfredKarrer, a trade was done correctly on October 2nd, but the seller was unable to unlock the wallet. I asked the referee for assistance on 3 October, which he proposed immediately after opening the tiket, but then he never saw himself again. I have tried several times to request his intervention, but he has not intervened.
The trade is BVPXNGM-a9918b03-358f-4e1e-90e0-7fbe29360e2a-117
The arbitrator/mediator is lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999 / exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999

It seems the system is not realy decentralized. In a decentralized system there is no need for any middlemen. That’s the problem with real people. If they do not play the role of arbitrator anymore, than you are left behind. The system needs to be fine tuned.