BTC substracted from my account but offer was never taken


Yesterday I tried to purchase BTC from a seller on 4 occasions but the offer was never taken, I got an error that said “A timeout occurred”.

However, later on I realized that circa 0.004 BTC had been subtracted from my account and the funds are no longer available to me. Could someone assist me on how to recover the funds? Here is a snapshot of the funds deducted from my account:

Also, has this happened to anybody else and will it continue to happen? I am now apprehensive about using BISQ.

Many thanks and apologies if this has already been asked but I couldn’t find any information.

Those probably are the fee you need to pay in order to take a trade. You can require a reimbursement following this guide.

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Oops, ignore what I wrote in the last post. I thought you were the offer maker. It seems that the only thing that’s happened is that a transaction preparing your security deposit was published. Don’t worry, this is just a transaction to your own wallet, the 0.004 BTC should still be there. Can you see them in the Funds -> Reserved Funds tab? I don’t know how to un-reserve them, maybe you can find a “cancel trade” button for the offer somewhere…

The only thing you lost are the trading/mining fees for which you can, as already mentioned by huey, request a reimbursement here.

Portfolio/My Open Offers -> there is a red trash can at the extreme right for each offer.
(Warning : the window must be large enough to see it).

That would work if he was the maker. The problem is that it’s not his offer, he was taking the offer, so it’s not in his My Open Offers list. As far as I understand, he took the offer of another trader, so his coins got marked as reserved, but there was some timeout during the offer taking process, so it didn’t actually get taken. But his coins are still marked as reserved, so he can’t spend or use them for other trades anymore

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Yeh, that’s what happened, I cannot access the funds. I opened a support ticked on Github.

Thanks all

I just looked at your support ticket. You used v0.9.1, that’s a pretty old version. It might be the reason these problems occurred in the first place. Always update to the latest version if you want to avoid such issues in the future!

Also, where did you get the number 0.004 BTC from? The reimbursement you’ll get is 0.00164518 BTC. It also seems like the security deposit isn’t reserved still, as I initially thought it was.
So if you are missing more than 0.00164518 BTC, it shouldn’t have anything to do with this trade…


Hello thanks for your help,

Yes, I just relized I mistyped the ammount, I meant that I am missing circa 0.0004 per trade, so 0.00164518 BTC sounds right.