BTC traders, beware of Mediators, they will put you into trouble

They is currently at least one bad actor on BTC/EUR market trying to scam you and he’ll be signed for more than 30 days tomorrow.
You’re selling btc and want to avoid getting into troubles, then avoid mediation and take your losses no matter what.

I’ve traded on bisq actively since 2017, mostly BTC/EUR pair, and have never had real issues until this week.
On my last trade, am selling BTC as a taker. BTC buyer provided no name and when I raised this issue, he even admitted he’d sent money from a different IBAN than the one displayed in the trade.
That was suspicious enough for me to ask advice on the keybase support chat. Following those advice I requested mediation and explained my case.

I also decided to reject the transfer as soon as it would land my account to avoid having my whole account frozen in case of MITM attack, ie when someone take control of an unknowingly sender bank account or using social engineering to make the account holder send money in exchange of something he’ll never receive.

Next day, I got a phone call from my bank who wanted to know about that incoming transfer. They asked about the relationship I had with the sender and how I knew about him (we are in different countries). Not willing to speak about my bitcoin trades, I simply stated I wanted to reject that incoming transfer because I didn’t know that person. I also had to explain myself about why I suspected something.
The simple fact my bank had frozen that transfer and requested invasive information about it confirmed that my trade peer did something very suspicious.

I obviously explained all of that to mediator.
Looks to me that my peer providing fake information should be enough to tilt balance in my favor.
But am now asked to provide proofs of what my bank said “otherwise I have no way of proving what am saying” according to mediator’s own words.

This raise several issues that are even more important than those btc now locked in bisq:

  • I cannot contact my bank about this without taking more risks regarding my undeclared btc trades. Why are we all using bisq if not to hide those trades from governments and banks eyes, for something called privacy ?

  • What good will do that alledgely proof ? I could easily forge an email for example and mediator would have no way to tell it. My peer could easily do the same and forge “proof” of having sent euros to my bank account.

  • The same way a victim in real life will be threatened and put at risk by the justidicial system, bisq mediation is knowingly putting me at risk just for having requested mediation.

BTC sellers, be aware that that peer account has been signed 29 days ago (account created 31 days ago), meaning he’ll have his 0.01 btc buying limit lifted next day.
Something that mediator denied as being true as well.

Conclusion: one cannot trust mediation when they easily put you at risk with your bank just to prove something which shouldn’t even need to be proven.

Good luck to all of you, we’ll need some to avoid pitfalls

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Who’s the mediator?

That should end mediation case. And if there’s a signed account with no name, we need to know who signed this account.

Sorry to hear about your negative experience and thanks for sharing the information.

Please post the onion address of the mediator (found in the trade details -> details data).
This sounds clearly that the mediator has not done his work as he should.

Please also post the onion address for the peer. Easiest would be if you PM me on keybase (chimp1984).

Thank you for your answers.

I don’t want to post publicly mediator’s onion to not hurt his hard earned reputation and more importantly because I feel he has indeed done his work as he should.
Please keep in mind I’ve utmost respect for those of you taking part actively in this community.
Seems logic for a mediator to ask both parties for proof of their claims, otherwise everybody can make any claim.
Issue to me is right in the process of asking btc seller to inquire his own bank when the bank account has likely already been flagged for suspicious activity.

As for the mediation, I just accepted mediation suggestion. Since peer seems unresponsive, it’ll probably end the case.

Next issue is indeed that we’ve got now a suspicious signed btc buyer out there.
On the chat, peer said he’s already created another account. I suspect he could easily sign himself.
His no name account got signed 30 days ago for an account created 32 days ago, which doesn’t match his claim of being a newb and not knowing about bisq rules.

I’ll pm peer onion address on keybase. Don’t know how you could investigate though.

Good luck and hope you don’t get your account suspended.
Personally, i have decided not to trade on Bisq as a seller anymore.
it just seems too risky since I have no way of denying buyers with the whole system being automated.

Also i like the idea of being able to verify buyers identity by asking for ID, Selfie, etc and refusing anyone that does not comply. (This doesn’t Work on Bisq )

To the creator of the post: I´m sorry for the inconveniences, but as told I did a mistake not reading the rules. I created a new account and I will delete the wrong one when the mediation finishes.

To the BISQ community: I´m not any suspicious buyer, just a guy that did a mistake.

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Hi @alfredothat is good to know :grinning:

You may lose some of your trade deposit if things have gone awry with this trade.

Here is a link to the trade protocol and dispute resolution: Trading Rules and Dispute Resolution

If everyone sticks to these rules where possible things run nice and smoothly :+1:

I just hope that everybody is happy at the end because I didn´t mean to cause so many problems, first with the member who sold his BTC and his banks issues and now with some trouble I´m having with the dispute :S

Definitely I was not following the rules so I feel sorry for that

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@ep.sys I think it’s you as a seller on case with trade ID 4AA2BR1 I need you to reply to arbitration ticket.

Arbitration ended an I lost my security deposit, I didn´t get back the money I transfered and I didn´t receive the bitcoin I paid.

Conclusion: Stick to the rules

You’ll get your SEPA transfer back. It takes longer than expected but should be done this coming week.
Am not stealing anyone.

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Thanks for the feeback

I got the transfer back, thanks for that