BTC withdrawal transaction not sent?

Hi guys,

Yetserday evening I tried to withdraw funds from BISQ. Latest version v0.6.3.

I have the feeling that my transaction did not get broadcasted. It was created, I can see it in BISQ, there is info in the log files. However, nobody seems to know the transaction.
It was created with a fee of 201 sat/byte, so that should not be a problem.

I have my own core node running, so BISQ should connect to that one. It usually does.

Is there a way to resend the transaction?

Ok, here’s an update.
I deleted the spv chain and did a resync. This caused the input to be freed again. Apparently nobody except Bisq new about the transaction.
I created a new transaction. Used a different input for it, but the same happened. No transaction broadcast.

Removed spv chain again, and again the transaction disappeared.

I shut down my bitcoin core node, and created a new transaction. This one indeed was broadcasted to the network.

So basically, some strange things happened, but I’m OK for now.

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Thanks for the update @haenzi.

@ManfredKarrer, this reminds me: I too had issues broadcasting a transaction from Bisq with my own full node running locally. I checked the log and saw bitcoinj reporting something to the effect of “We are waiting for 4 connections to broadcast… we currently have 1” and then the tx never broadcast. I haven’t had time to file anything about this, but I’m concerned our recent changes to thresholds, etc in v0.6.3 may have caused a situation where Bisq cannot broadcast txns at all against a local full node.

Again, needs more investigation, but just quickly saying it here in case it rings a bell.

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I just added to track this.

Yes that is the core of the issue…