I came to know of this project. utilizes the Counterparty DEX (decentralized exchange). The site does not maintain any databases and all information is queried from publicly available blockchain APIs.”

For your information please.

Not sure if it was related but after trying out and encrypting the pw (which never completed so I closed) my Mac got serious problems. Reverting now my system to the state before… As said not sure if it was by incident or if it was related to that webpage, but did not do anything else what I could imagine.
Also be aware that we crypto guys might be a targeted group for malware/hackers… Hope that was not the case here…

As the developer of, I came across this thread while looking over the web server Referrer Report…

@ManfredKarrer Not sure why encrypting your passphrase failed to complete, but I think it’s just a coincidence that your computer started experiencing serious problems at the same time.

If you or anyone have questions about how the site works or how BTC trading works with the Counterparty DEX, feel free to ask.