Bug in withdraw?

Going to make my first withdraw today, but it looks messed up… if I select an address, the balance of another address is used. If I select every single address available the amount I get is random, and never adds up to my total balance (always less). See attached screenshot. My total balance is 58.2946, but even if I select all I get numbers like 36, 40 etc. It seems random if I switch back and forth to the tab what amount it all adds up to.

Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to get my withdraw done properly ?

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You should be able to see the correct amount of funds when hitting ctrl/cmd+e. You can withdraw from there as well. Your problem sounds a lot like a UI bug but I’m not an expert in that regard.

Restarting the app might help as well.

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Perfect! Thank you very much. My withdraw went through instantly using that command. I agree, this looks like a UI bug.

Have u tried a restart? Seem like a UI bug but have not seen that before (prob. caused by some hidden exception).

It was not running, I launched it only to withdraw. Didn’t try restart, I figured it wasn’t necessary since I just launched it.

Also as a side note, I am taking a little break from market making with monero. I’m busy moving to new home, so until august I will use the computer to only run a UASF node.

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Ah ok. Thanks for your support! Dont forget to check the forum the next weeks regarding the DAO genesis distribution, u are definitely on the list of receivers!