Bug or mistake?

Hi all,

I recently did 2 totally different trades with V1.2.4 and noticed that if you do fiat÷crypto i get 6.666,666666666667 for both trades while Bisq says the price is at 6656 and the other is 6605.
Am i missing something here?

Assuming you are creating this offers, maybe you stablished different market price distance for your trades.

Orders are not created by me

Then 2 different peers should have offered you 2 different prices.

So either Bisq is wrong and this is a bug or i am wrong with my calculation.

Trading fee and mining fee accounted for? As the taker you pay two lots of mining fees, which are estimated based on the mempool at the time, so you could have different mining fees for each order, which may be the reason for the discrepancy.

So this is not included in there?
the transaction amounts are 134 and 54 euro and the mining fees are 0.000078 thats not enough to account for the difference i think.