Bug Report : Dash sync with Bisq using wrong version Dashcore

You are using the wrong version of Dashcore wallet for your integrated Dashcore support on that feature, we have forked since that wallet, although my transaction made it to Bisq, I had to rebuild my wallet block index twice until I noticed the difference in the way transactions are noted in the latest Dashcore wallet.

This is the wrong Dashcore version:

The new wallets use a black circle with diagonal arrows which I am unable to upload as a new user. Will add it as a comment so that you can see that you are syncing with the wrong version of Dashcore.

Please fix this issue so that we can use the sync integration, and if there is a bounty for Bugs, you may send it to my contact me for my Dashcore wallet address. Thank you.

This is what our current wallet transaction page looks like, thanks!

Not sure if I understand what you mean.
Bisq has nothing to do with DashCore. It uses the Dash version of BitcoinJ which was provided by a Dash developer. If there are any issues that a tx from or to Bisq made issues let us know or even better the dash developers (the tech lead should know about), I was not much involved with the integration.

If you click the Dash funding address, it opens the Dashcore wallet, but the old one, and rebuilds the index, so either it is a feature with a bug in it or an unintended bug altogether.

I had to delete the funding address to get the proper wallet synced, it syncs the wrong Dashcore wallet if you click the Dash funding address and then you have issues, so it is a bug either way.

Ah ok. The OS opens the app registered with that type of link. A new DashCore should have overwritten that. In Bisq we cannot do anything. You can change that somewhere in the OS but I dont know how.
You can also copy past the address and amounts.

OK, I will share this bug report with Dash support, there needs to be fix somewhere, because this causes problems with keeping wallet synced, closing and reopening it asks to rebuild each time.
Even if you are using wallet for other transactions.

We tracked down the bug in Dash support, seems to be an installer error, fixed it manually and it works fine, but the installer is not updating Dashcore in the Dash folder. Thanks, you can let your support team know that Dash support is working to fix the issue.

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Good, I am sure u can also edit it somewhere in the OS.