Bug Report Re: Interac e-Transfer Options in Bisq


I was just instructed by an arbitrator to report a “UI bug” in the Bisq Software.

This pertains to the option that is offered in the software for the Interac e-Transfer funds recipient to provide either an email address or a “mobile phone number”.

The problem with this is that not all Canadian banks support the use of a mobile phone number for Interac e-Transfer payments - I deal with Scotiabank and they only support the use of an email address.

So right now my transaction is held up in arbitration because the BTC seller who accepted my offer provided a mobile phone number (no email address). The arbitrator is trying to contact the BTC Seller to see if they are willing to provide an email address.

Can the Bisq software be altered to remove the mobile phone number option and prompt users for email address only? I have used Interac e-Transfer for years and email address is all I have ever used (or seen used by others).


I think reporting it on GitHub is a better idea, since here it just might get lost between other posts and devs might never see it.

This forum is usually used for support and devs don’t always check all the posts.

opened an issue in github: