Buy BTC with Revolut, software crash, BTC lost?


I just wanted to buy some BTC with Revolut, but the software crashed.
Now When I restart, I get to ssee this and cannot do anything, but
all my deposits is locked in trade.

what can i do here?

Try opening a ticket with cmd+o first.
If that doesn’t work we will have to see if deposit tx was successfully broadcasted to the network.

PS: Also try restarting the app first and maybe even your computer, to see if the issue persists.

yes, I restared software and my computer several times, btu get still teh same.
when I try to open a ticket I only get this:

when I open trade-ID:

it shows 2 IDs that I canot find when starting ticket.

Sorry I am not very technically sound. What can I do here. Willing to provide more information, would like to receive my BTC back.

thank you

I believe those are maker and taker fees. They should both exist on a blockchain when you put them into a block explorer such as bitaps (use the tor browser when using block explorers).

If at least one of them is not confirmed then the deposit never left your wallet.
On the screenshot it seems like one of those haven’t had 6 confirmations yet, but I think 1 is enough for Bisq. If the security deposit never got locked up in a multisig, you should be able to withdraw it with cmd+e, since they would still be in your wallet.

thank you. it worked to get all my BTC back, but the open “broken” trade is still there as shown in screenshot. can I somehow delete it now?

also how do you know all this shortcuts? Is there a documentation about? I’d like to get to know them as well, would be nice, thanks!

found a solution myself.

alt+y helped me move the trade to failed trades.
thank you very much for your help @alexej996


I was around long enough to pick those shortcuts up on this forum naturally :smile:

I don’t think there as comprehensive list of all the shortcuts anywhere, but searching for “isAltOrCtrlPressed”, “isCtrlPressed” and “isAltPressed” in bisq repo on Github should give you some idea.

@NCKoeter, this trade is not actually failed. If you look at your screenshots again, you’ll see that the transaction was still in the process of being confirmed. I’m looking at your dispute ticket now, and all transactions, including the multi-sig deposit transaction are intact and ready to be paid out. Please follow up with me in arbitration chat, and let’s get your Revolut payment to the seller. Thanks.