"Buy" offers going into "sell" category

Hello, I am trying to place an offer to “Buy” BTC and everytime I fund the account and hit continue, the offer appears in the “sell” side of the exchange.

Is there something I am doing wrong?? Please help.

Everything is fine. People get confused sometimes by whom it is referring to when it says to buy or sell BTC. This is why the button in main screen says “I want to sell BTC” and “I want to buy BTC”. So that a user knows where to click.

When you click a button on “I want to buy BTC” and create an offer, this offer shows up for other users when they click on “I want to sell BTC”, because they would be trying to sell their bitcoins to you, who is buying them.

ahhhhhhh.got it !!

Thank you for helping clear up the confusion.

It is easy to clear this confusion once and for all by just making a small change in text: - on the ‘Sell BTC’ tab, the heading of ‘Available Offers’ can be changed to ‘Available Buyers’ or ‘Available Offers to Buy’! Offers is not a good word because it is interpreted by most people as either buy or sell. Better technical terms are: ‘Bids’ for buyers and ‘Asks’ for sellers.


I’m using Bisq for a couple of years now, and this wording puzzles me each time. It’s not intuitive at all. Room for improvement from a UX perspective.

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Yes, I agree with you guys, that this is really a mind-bending exercise atm to know from which perspective each wording is to see.
There are a couple of issues worked at the moment to improve these problems:

I like your idea to talk more about the personas (Buyer, Seller) than of offers! Maybe that could make it more easy to understand on a couple of screens.

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