Buy Transaction gets listed in sell section as a buy

I set up a buy in the Buy section. After I enter it, the transaction shows up in the Sell section as a buy. What is happening and am I trouble?

I assume you have made a sell offer by going to “I want to buy BTC” and then clicking on Create a new offer. If you want, you can cancel it and click on “I want to sell BTC” and creating a new offer in that screen.

I when to the Buy section and made a buy offer. It was stated as a buy before I entered it and in the Sell section as a buy. I want to buy BTC.

If you want to buy BTC, you click on the “I want to buy BTC” button on the main screen. If you don’t like any offers, you click on the Create offer button on the bottom right.

Your offer should appear for users when they click on “I want to sell BTC”, so they can sell their BTC to you who want to buy them.

I am a newbe. So Than if i wanted to sell BTC, I would go to the Sell section and list a sale which would then appear on the Buy page?

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Exactly :slight_smile:

Thanks, I got it.