Buy XMR usd?

Hi can you buy Moner0 directly with usd from bank account or do we have to purchase btc with usd before buying the xmr?

Currently only bitcoin can be exchanged for XMR on Bisq. BTC must be one side of every trade.

Thank you for helping me

DrFred, i have barely added a zelle account and I am trying to fund my account. “Buy btc” has a spinning circle that says “waiting for funds” and it’s been doing that for over 10 minutes. When I go to “funds/receive funds“, it just shows an address that says 0 balance with a label of “unused”. The only option on this screen that is offered to me is “generate new address”. How do I fund my wallet with zelle account?

I have never used zelle so have no idea, you can only fund Bisq wallet with bitcoins, so you need to send bitcoins to the receive address you are seeing in Bisq. You have to already have some amount of bitcoins to use Bisq at all.

You mean in order to use BISQ we must obtain bitcoin some other way? We cannot begin buying btc with USD?

And you can transfer 0.0011 BTC to make an initial buy offer.

Your answers aren’t making sense to me…so I need to buy btc at a normal exchange and then send those to BISQ wallet or I can buy it from here?

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Yea you have to do that, send them to Bisq wallet.

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Robz, I feel you bro. This is one insane merry-go-round. At this point, much of the value of getting into crypto IS how difficult it is. When it makes sense and is relatively seamless/easy, 2019 will seem like 2010 in retrospect. It is what it is… frustrating as hell, oftentimes.

Currently, Bisq is a source of frustration all of its own, though.

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