Buyer and Seller trying to cancel trade

Hello! I’m having an issue with an ongoing trade. Myself (seller) and my buyer are both trying to cancel a trade. We agreed to do this shortly after my offer was accepted because I made a mistake with the listing (was trying to buy XMR, accidentally made a listing to sell XMR I don’t have), and the buyer was nice enough to agree to cancel.

We both opened disputes asking to cancel the trade, but when the dispute was answered, half of my BTC was going to be given to my trade partner (about $45 worth) and I was only going to get to keep half. This doesn’t seem reasonable since we both wanted to cancel the trade from the start. We now have to wait 7 days for the trade to go to an arbitrator. I understand this can have fees up to the entirety of my locked BTC, which is also half of my original trade offer, valued at about $45.

Is there any way to just cancel the trade without going to arbitration, where we both get back our original BTC and don’t have to pay extra fees? It’s already been almost a week and we both just want to cancel the trade. Would appreciate if anyone could help with this! Trade number is SQPAQ1 for any admins.

Hi, for clarity refer to your self as btc-buyer or btc-seller because that’s how Bisq sees you. So you are a btc-buyer for this trade (by mistake).
You should ask the mediator to construct a payout to send your security deposit back to you and send the btc-seller’s security deposit + trade amount to them.
I’m not sure you understood the payout correctly since that you as btc-buyer should receive your whole security deposit. Please DM if you want to share more private info.

For the proposed resolution, it says that the payout for myself will be 0.006 BTC and my partner will receive 0.018 BTC. The original offer was for 0.012 BTC, so it seems like I would be losing 0.006 BTC? Thank you for your help!

To clarify, I have a total of 0.012 BTC in my Bisq wallet. I have 0.006 BTC locked as the security deposit for the trade, and the total trade amount was for 0.012 BTC.

No, you are mistaken, you locked 0.006 as the security deposit and will be refunded 0.006. You never locked any additional BTC as, like you say, you made an offer to sell XMR (buy btc) it is your counterparty that has 0.012 + 0.006 BTC locked and will be refunded 0.018 BTC. The mediator has made the suggestion you agreed on. I am surprised your trade partner is not cursing you out right now. The solution is for you to both accept mediator resolution.