Buyer Cant Start Payment

hello my username is LG, and ive sent bitcoins to username “hfhtj” and hes claiming he cant make payment because its not loading up on his side. i dont what to do, if i can have a mediator help i would appreciate it. thats what the buyer sent me too. any help would be appreciated.

BTC buyer says that it’s going to try a SPV resync, which is what a trader should do if the first BTC confirmation is not displayed by Bisq software.

You’re not trading with hfhtj, that’s the trade ID, it only identifies that trade. Your trading peer uses a onion address.
I don’t think that this issue requires mediation yet. At the end of the trading period, the “open trader chat” will be changed to “open mediation” button, you can use it in case of need. Mediators only suggest payouts so it’s better that you try to solve your issues with your peer. Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki
If there’s something that really needs fast attention (like they ask you to trade through another method or account), go to support channel for faster replies and sharing private info with support agents.

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thank you so much for your help, i really appreciate that. he said he was able to send it, but he sent to my email and not my phone number so its showing as pending and its been a day. i tried talking to him/her in the chat but they wont answer. and its still showing as processing

Open mediation with ctrl+O and don’t confirm your payment reception until you’re really sure that the transfer is settled.

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thank you, the timer says 1 day and 5 hours remaining, and its still processing. once the time runs out so i dont get penalized, i cant open mediation if it comes to that? i traded with somebody else and it was no problem. i want to trust him, but i just dont know and dont want to get ripped off.


Do not release the BTC until your funds are cleared. You will not get penalized if you let the mediator know you are waiting for funds to be clearer. You can provide screenshot as evidence.

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