Buyer disappeared, when can I have my deposit back?

Hello, I have a question about the new trading protocol for the case when the buyer stops responding. Since the new multisig transaction requires 2-2 confirmation and the buyer is gone, is it possible for me to trigger the arbitration transaction early ? If not I’ll have to wait for 20 days with my deposit stuck.

They are technically lost forever if he doesn’t return. I’ve seen no official documentation on how to handle this. But as always a personal talk with the arbitrator spending Bisq’s earnings via him may resolve it. Safe or a joke? You choose!

Actually, I can’t even lose them in the right place right now, since I believe I have to wait for 20 days. And that’s what I’d like right now, to “lose them forever” in the hands of an arbitrator !

What happens after 20 days? How will you get in contact with an arbitrator? Does void trades get compensated?

Maybe missing something here.
Documentation is poor on this.