Buyer gone awol

i’m selling btc, the buyer paid, but has gone awol, not replying to messages or even receiving them for 7 days now.

i opened a support ticket saying the buyer is awol, not replyin, it was solved by admin saying i would get my loickout fee back and the buyer would get the btc he was owed.

i accepted my end of the deal but i have to wait until the buyer accepts that end of the deal too?

but the problem is the buyer is awol and hasn’t signed in for 7 days and is not accepting the mediation

And i am still in the same situation with my btc locked up… how can this be resolved or is my btc locked forever until the buyer logs in again??

Heya, this can be resolved - it may need to go to arbitration so that the locked funds can be released. When in mediation both sides need to accept before the mediators decision takes affect.

Let me look into this. Btw, try to avoid sharing personal info like trade IDs on a public forum - i’ve taken note of it but you can edit it out now.


ok ty :heart:

Any update?

Buyer is still MIA, how can I get the coins unlocked? I don’t see any option to take it to arbitration

DMing you. Still waiting on response from the mediator.