Buyer won't confirm that I paid them. What happens now?

First time using Bisq. I was always hesitant to try Bisq because of this exact scenario.

I sent money using Cash app and now the seller wont confirm that I paid him. Theres 6 hours left before arbitration.

Am I screwed out of that money? I’m sure hes already taken the money and ran. I don’t get why it makes me wait 24 hours in the first place. The first few steps of the buying process we both completed within a minute or so. Also, my deposit was the full amount of the purchase, whereas the seller only had to have a 30% deposit, which doesnt make sense to me.

Also on a side note, do I have to keep Bisq open? I’ve been afraid to close my laptop during this whole 24 hour waiting period because I’m worried of screwing it up.

No worry if he does not confirm receipt in time you will get displayed a “open dispute” button. The arbitrator will then check the case and if he received the USD but has not confirmed it you will get additional to the BTC also his security deposit.

The reason why the security deposit for the buyer is higher because it protects against “future trading” (that the buyer waits to see how the BTC develops and if price moves against him to not to pay the Fiat - thus losing less money by losing his deposit than the diff. from price move).

You dont need to keep Bisq open, but you should check from time to time so see when the peer confirms, or when a dispute gets opened to react to the arbitrator.
Only whey you have an offer open you need to say online.


Thank you sir. I’ve been nervously stewing over this, so your explaination was thorough and helped ease my anxiety.

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good news! the seller came through in the waning moments. and the fee to send to my ledger segwit wallet was only about 18 cents :sunglasses:

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