Buying bitcoin, bug and moderation issue

I bought bitcoin and for I problem that I think is related to null deposit transaction bug I opened a support ticket, because the screen displayed that I had to wait for one confirmation but I couldn’t even look at the transaction on a block explorer.
The moderator told me that there was really a bug and I confirmed with him that the transaction was on the blockchain and that I should make the SEPA transfer. I did.
1 day after I communicated that I made the transfer, I have this annoying message: "hi, did u send the EUR? if not i will close."
I replied that yes, the payment has been made, but I have no answer and I’m a little worried.

All is fine. I responded now in the dispute chat. I inform the peer that you sent the EUR and once he confirms you will get the BTC out. Lets continue in the dispute chat with further conversations.

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