Buying coins from us market in australia

Just wondering how I could buy US bitcoin or litecoin from aus??
Not sure which one of payment methods is relevant… Im not sure what half of them are… I only have an aus account…
Im assuming I can send money to a US bank ?? Or euro bank?? Im not sure about how safe each of them are or if any incur any fees?? for leaving aus?? Are any payment methods preferred for security?? I.e. willl the federal government start tracking my transaction out of the country??

Hoping there is other ways of buying coin from other countries with aus dollars…
Or is it best to buy US dollars with bitcoin and then use that US dollars to buy coin from that US market??

Or am i missing something??
I want to buy some more bitcoin with aus dollars but there is non on the aus Market… :frowning:

The USA does not use the IBAN system, bitsquare would have to allow you to add a wire transfer account in USD, the fields required are bank name, address, Swift Code for this bank, beneficiary name, beneficiary account, amount, reference, etc… You then initiate a USD wire transfer at your bank who would debit your AUD from your current account, be aware that it would cost you between $15 and $45 for the wire transfer, plus a hefty fee on the currency exchange. You can prove that the wire was made by asking your bank for a swift code receipt/tracking.

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Not really worth it huh??
Thanks anyway…
I suppose I wait for my current sells to go thorugh and then fund some buys that way??

best to create a buy offer in aud and keep your machine on and see if anyone seels btc to you.
iv never sent money internationally from aus, but i did not occur to me to do it because i assume fees would be high.