Buying DASH - UI is misleading and confusing

in “Sell BTC” I press "create new offer for selling bitcoin (buying Dash)"
but then it shows up in “Buy BTC” which is basically correct since I create an order to buy Dash and therefore sell BTC - but its unexpected

it would be much better the UI would be organized like in a standard exchange with a preselection of the currency pair like BTC/DASH. then I would expect two tables for Ask and Bid. And from there I should also see the price/volume curves as well as the market depths diagramm

This GUI needs a rework - the primary selection should not be “Sell BTC” or “Buy BTC” but the currency pair

Maybe the primary misleading element is that if in “Buy BTC” the button “create new offer for buying bitcoin (selling Dash)” is selected then it creates a offer in “Sell BTC” and vice versa. That should be corrected

Well is Open Source, you could create your fork, I think the wiki should improve documenation on how the UI is organized. I would inserta an instant price visualization dynamically.
Buy Sell forms on React.js

Thx for your feedback @Dworf and @JZA

This has been discussed up and down for years (?) now. There’s just no design to please them all.

The UI needs some work, though. We need to find a dedicated UI dev (JavaFX?, @ManfredKarrer ) to be able to cover the workload.

ok I understand the process how it got to this situation - it seems that constantly seller and buyer as well as taker and offerer perspectives have been mixed.

but the single point that a button to create an order in “Sell BTC” is placed in “Buy BTC” and vice versa should be correctable just in a few minutes.

Just rename the button “Create new offer for selling bitcoin (buying Dash)” to “Create new order (Dash)” and relocate it from “Sell BTC” to “Buy BTC”. Same with the other button on “Buy BTC”.

A similar problem exists in “Market -> Offer book”. The button “I want to sell bitcoin” will create an ask order but is placed below the bid orders. And “Offer book” is typically named as “Order book” or simply “Overview”

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