Buying Euros from UK

there are very little sellers selling in GBP but alot more in Euros.
How would/could i go about buying in Euros from a UK bank account?
I have SEPA set up but if i try and buy in Euros/SEPA it says i do not have a trading account set up with the payment method required.

any help appreciated.

You can select Euro as currency also when you setup a SEPA account. Dropdown panel next (right) to country.

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If i do that with a UK bank account will it convert automatically?
excuse my noobness :slight_smile:

I think so, but you better ask. In Sweden they convert to Euro before sending and one can specify exactly how much the receiver will get in Euro.

ask who?

if anyone knows please let me know

If you don’t get an answer here, you could probably send and email to your bank and ask them for more details. :slight_smile:

I think ill give that a miss thanks all the same.

anyone else?