Buying limit decreasing?

Hi, I opened my bisq account 26 days ago with a trading limit of 0,125 btc. I did some trades successfully but now my btc buying limit ist decreased to 0,0625 btc (SEPA). I have enough funds for security deposit etc… does anybody now why this happened ? I’m still new in the bitcoin world and would be happy for any help, thanks !!

Yesterday there was a finial adjustment to account age witness protocol.
If I understood the document correctly, your limit will revert back to 0.125 BTC when your account becomes 30 days old, so in 4 days.

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ah, ok I see… so we will see in four days what will happen.
thanks alexej996 for the quick response!

Yes I can confirm @alexej996 reply. Please read the doc to understand the reasoning behind that.