Buying Monero with BTC - help


I went through a transaction (buying Monero vs Bitcoin). The altcoin wallet is showing up in Bisq (in account tab) but … how can I access the funds ??
Will they appear on Bisq or should I import / export it to another software (feather) ?

Thanks a lot

You just need to accept an offer (Sell BTC for Monero) and then there is a detailed description on what you need to do. You need to send BTC to a specific address and then the trade can be completed.

Yes I accepted the offer but I was not able to input a Monero address …
So is the Monero account stored into Bisq ? How can I access the funds ?

(noobie questions … thanks for the answers !)

Oh sh**** I think I previously created an Altcoin account with a Monero address and everything has been sent there …

You need to set up your XMR account at “Account - Altcoin accounts”, providing the XMR address of an external wallet of your own (i.e. mymonero).
To begin the trade, you need to place the trading amount, place 0.006BTC or at least 15% of BTC trading amount as security deposit, and pay trading and mining fees, either for making or taking an offer. Once the trade is into “open trades” BTC buyer need to wait for the deposit tx to get 1 confirmation. Then, your XMR address will be available to BTC buyer and should make a XMR payment to that address. He should press the “payment sent button”, taking the trade into step 3, and probably will let you know about it through the trading chat as well (it’s recommended).
At this step, you need to go to your XMR wallet and verify the payment is correct. Then, press “payment received”, releasing the trading funds and bringing back the security deposits.

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