Buying XMR. Confirmed too early. Anything I can do?

trading noob here. Looks like I’ve set up my Altcoin properly. Set up trade last night. Got a message that the XML transfer was started. Got up this morning and couldn’t see any XML anywhere. In a fit of madness I confirmed the transaction, hoping it would release the XML. It didn’t. Now the transaction says complete, but I have no XML. I started the trade around 18 hours ago.

Is there anything I can do to get my money back or have I just learned a hard lesson?

edit using mymonero wallet. Am I doomed?

Hi it would be very unusual for a trader to confirm payment before it has been made. So while you definitely should not confirm payment prior to confirming payment has been received (this is irreversible as it will release the BTC in the multisig), doing so will not automatically mean you have not been sent the XMR.

I would suggest you make sure your Monero wallet is correctly synced. Hopefully the payment will be there when you confirmed it is synced correctly.


If you’re using MyMonero, balance could not be displayed properly. Use Monero GUI instead.

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