Buying XMR with €, preconditions

i am new to bitsquare and have 0.62 installed. I would like to buy XMR with € via SEPA. I can’t find the button to create such an offer.Only the button for selling XMR is shown. my set up ist quite default. source currency=BTC, Language=german, preferred currency = XMR, national currency=GBP, EUR, CHF, USD; Altcoins=BCH, BTG, XMR. A national SEPA account is set. An Altcoin-Adress for XMR is given. What am i doing wrong?
best regards

That’s not possible atm. XMR would have to be a base currency for Bisq. A currency can only then become a base currency if it supporst multi-sig addresses. That wasn’t the case for XMR up until very recently. I’m not sure if multi-sig is fully implemented, yet.

Edit: That might happen in the future. Speed of implementation correlates directly with demand and dev ressources once the technical specs are met.


hello Marc,
thank you for the fast reply. i learned something from you.

merry christmas