CAD account signing is back!

knock on wood … some fixes have been propagated and the CAD interact e-transfer accounts are now being signed successfully. There is currently one user (thank you!!) with offers who is capable of signing, I just got an account signed on my first trade.

Let’s get some more accounts signed and if you can sign a few yourself once the 30days has passed that would great! Let’s build a healthy CAD market :smiley:

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My account is over 70 days, I have traded 7 or 8 times with signed accounts, and I’m still not signed. Am I to keep trying until I find this one user? What should I do next?

Let me point that you have to buy from a 30 day signed account, for at least 0.0025 BTC.

If you’re sure your account should have been signed, please come to and share your logs.

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Thanks for your reply. So it should have been signed from the first trade and then just impose the 0.01 limit for 30 days. That’s not what happened. I traded and never got signed thinking the account would be signed after 30 days and the limit would be removed at the same time. No reply keybase yet.

Hey just double checking to see if you got this resolved?

Yep! Very happy. My account signing was instantly done when I traded once more with the first person I started traded with 3 months ago. It has now been 30 days since signing and my account also has the 0.01 limit lifted too. This is good news and I thank the bisq support I got through Keybase. Cheers!