Call for blog writers


Hello everyone,

We are planning to have weekly blogs posts on Bisq DAO and related concepts. If you are interested in sharing your own experiences and views on this topic by writing a post, feel free to contact me at @arunasurya.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts, and work together in getting the finished post to our readers.
I am also available on Bisq slack.



@arunasurya I’m interested!

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@arunasurya @peoples I’ve posted some topics here. Feel free to browse those for ideas. New topics would be fantastic too.



Do you think more of a technical or a sociological article is what you are looking for?



I think we can do both. You are welcome to choose your own topic, and I would be happy to work with you on getting it published.



Hello fellow writers!

Here is an update on the Blog project and some steps on how to join us in this effort!


We are going to publish blog posts on a regular basis and would like to hear your experiences using Bisq, thoughts on the Bisq DAO and any other ideas that you would like to share with the Bisq community and the rest of the world. We will share your blog posts on the Bisq blog site and other blogging platforms. You will work closely with the other contributors in producing quality posts and be compensated for your work.

In the spirit of the Bisq DAO, we would like to create an efficient blog writing process with the focus on the writer autonomy and fruitful collaboration. This process may change as more writers join us. A blog project lead will coordinate the project, communicate with the writers and ensure the continuous stream of posts. The current project lead is @arunasurya.

Blog writing process

  • If you are interested, join and introduce yourself in the #blogposts slack channel
  • Review the blog writing schedule, leave a comment on your choice of the publishing week and the topic OR contact the project lead with these details
  • The project lead will get in touch with the individual writers and work closely on the delivery of the post
  • The project lead will handle the editing and publishing process. All you need to focus on is writing
  • The final draft should be sent to the project lead one week prior to the publication week

Those writers who become regular contributors to the project will get edit access to the blog writing schedule. Currently, the edit access is only given to the project lead to avoid any confusion.

You can choose your own topic or choose one from a list of blog topics by @m52go here.


The blog writer can file a compensation request for the amount of BSQ that they think is reasonable for their work. The compensation request is filed after the blog post has been published.

The specific details of the process may change with time. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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I would love to see a few blog post from Bisq users or contributors to reflect on their view why they are using/being interested in Bisq.



Hello everyone,

Check out our posts on Medium: Bisq DAO for Bitcoin Maximalists and An Overview of the Bisq Network!

Also, take a look at our blog writing schedule in case you want to join us!

Your posts don’t need to be only about Bisq. They can also be about related topics such as privacy, decentralization, cryptography, Bitcoin, etc. We welcome different views and opinions!

Join us on Bisq slack on the #blogposts channel!



Hello everyone! Check out our latest post on Medium! We are publishing weekly posts and are always looking for new writers to join us!



Here is more info on the Bisq blog project and on the blog writing process:

Join us on slack to share your thoughts and to contribute a post!