Can a "Ring of Trust" scale the fiat-to-crypto protocol?

If we can assume a staking asset is evenly distributed between staking participants, can this “ring of trust” be used to secure fiat finality?

Soon you’ll need a big BSQ stack to trade that’s when BSQ falls to zero.

Why do you say that? is that currently how the protocol works? it requires significant stake?

At least not in version 1. Don’t worry…

@ZeroTax why the paranoia? Very little is known about BIsq v2 right now, and a solid conception and implementation is a long way off.

With that said…@Aurca it seems like you’re thinking along the lines of BSQ bonding, which is an important component of the ideas currently at play for Bisq v2. You can see more about it in this proposal or in this video.

Thank you. This is very insightful

Eh… Don’t you in the first place agree that an anonymous p2p exchange is of a paranoid nature? With both identity and money put on risk.